About Terry


203 Ashton Drive

Ashton Vale

Bristol BS3 2PY

United Kingdom

Tel: 0117 9024807



Author, scriptwriter, penciller, inker and letterer. In these days of specialisation, I can take a project from start to finish. Either as an editor, or undertaking any one (or more) of the tasks required to produce a superb finished product.

On time too!

From flyers and advertising materials to blogs, newsletters and comics, I can move a project through from an idea to delivery, providing quality at every stage.

I began in the era of photocopy-cut-and-paste. Although things have developed and I now use a computer to put together publications, press releases and promotional material the old skills are still useful when a computer breaks down.


My reputation has been built on the ability to meet and more often run ahead of deadlines.  On more than one occasion, when something or someone has fallen through at a publisher, I’ve put together comic scripts and other material within a few hours.


Having interviewed many creators and publishers and talked to comic buyers/fans as well as retailers, I have a good grasp of the current market. I have previously put together British Comic Industry reports, accurately predicting future trends.   The last report [2004] looked at various age group breakdowns in European countries supporting comic industries and analysed the sustainability and viability of a rejuvenated British comics industry based on UK age groups.


I am perfectly able and willing to work as either part of a team or by myself.  My commitment to a project is always 100%.


In twenty years of packaging and publishing books, as well as distributing in the UK and beyond, I have come across most of the problems and hazards of the industry. My contingency planning is excellent.


As a talent spotter I have helped various creators break into the comic industry, names such as John Royle, Jon Haward, Duncan Fegredo, Art Wetherell et al.




Outside of comics I have worked with companies such as Yorkshire Television and HTV to create ideas and programmes, for example Channel 4’s “Carry On” Film weekend in 1999.  I have also featured in documentaries and TV/Radio news programmes in my capacity as a veteran naturalist and Police Consultant.






I’m currently working on the comic and 3D animated series, The Paranormals as well as a series of short TV horror stories, Tales From The Grave.  Other projects are currently optioned for, or being looked at by various TV companies.



1976-2007 I was an exotic animals consultant for UK police forces, farmers groups and other organisations.


2008-2010 New line of very successful black and white comic albums published.  These can be found listed here: http://www.lulu.com/hoopercomicsuk


2009 my first book, Some Things Strange And Sinister, was published.  The follow-up [Some More Things Strange & Sinister] was published in January,2010


2000 — I have worked as an interviewer for SBC Online and currently am owner/Editor of Comic Bits Online [CBO] www.comicbitsonline.com .  CBO is tagged as “highly influential” by comic fans and publishers as well as by comic store owners.  The site attracts between 21500-31000+ hits a month, this figure is increasing as it gains in reputation.


Also helping to promote Cinebook-The 9th Art and Classics Illustrated UK as well as showcasing new talent.


I am a recognised as a British comics historian, having met and interviewed many of the creators who worked for comics here, and also traced the history of UK comic publishers.


2000-2005 I  produced packages of work for companies in India, Hong Kong and China.  As an industry advisor I have worked for smaller companies in countries such as India, Canada, Singapore, China, Europe and the US.


1992-2004 published Annual Reports On The British Comics Industry looking at trends and sales as well as predicting trends, carrying out comic buyer   surveys and so on.  These began with 75% accuracy but by 1997 were between 89-97% accurate on predictions and trends.

1984-2004 I was also self publishing comics as well as publications on a wide variety of subjects under the Black Tower banner.


1984-1994 worked freelance as a writer/artist/editor/agent in comics as well as

comics journalism for MU Press, Blue Comet Press, Fantagraphic Books, Eros Comics, Dorne,Bastei, Fleetway, IPC,Egmont and others in the United States, UK and Europe.


During this period I also produced large numbers of single panel gag cartoons for agencies in Germany such as Boiselle-Lohmann and the Baaske Agency –these going to magazines and publications around Europe and with the latter agency these were collected in book form.  I also worked as a freelance editor in comics and publications ranging from wildlife to astronomy and science fiction.


1982-1984 took over the running of Comic Haus comic store in Detmold, Germany, which was failing badly in an unstable market.  I turned the store into a profit maker and was then given control of the Hameln Comic Haus, whose situation was also turned around; both stores became very profitable going on the be sold for a considerable sum.


1979-2004 I have published numerous papers on the topics of both wildlife and history


1978-1983 worked at Silver Surfer Comics shop, Totterdown, Bristol.


1974-1978 worked within the printing industry, beginning  as a paste-up assistant, designing and then laying out/pasting up newsletters, commercial flyers,etc.,etc..,I swiftly moved on to designing and compiling publications as well as advertising material.


1977 began writing articles on astronomy, meteorological phenomena space exploration and other general subjects –something I have continued with up to today in the UK and Europe as well as United States. In the UK the main market has been the County Magazine trade.


During the late 1970s, I was employed as a sales representative, helping to promote toys such as The Micronauts, Atlantic Soldiers, Action Force figures and other products.  This involved visiting retailers, setting up displays, promotional material and so on.  This led to my designing a series of toy soldier style sets for Hong Kong manufacturers such as “Dawn of Man” and “Space Frontier”.

Comic Bits Online – www.comicbitsonline.com

Linkedin                — http://www.linkedin.com/in/terryhooper

Jacket Flap            — http://www.jacketflap.com/profile.asp?member=Hooper


Education:Greenway Secondary Modern Boys School [1968-74].

Qualifications:’O’ Levels in:~ Science,Biology,Mathematics.


‘A’ Levels in:~Art,History,English Language,English Literature and Geography.

Read and speak basic German.


Marrital Status:Single





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